Well its been awhile..

Ok been a while since i blogged.Well where do I began.I’m a lil over 3weeks out from surgery.Lets start from surgery it was 080712 WOW.. My surgery lasted a very long time it took over 5.5 hrs but there was no complications per the surgeon.Only thing I really remember is waking up in the recovery room.OMG was I in pain.The worse pain I had ever experienced.but they gave me pain medicine in my iv and i was in and out.Within about 2 hrs they moved me to a room.They had a cath in me the first night which was gd because getting up was very painful.I also had a morphine pump which would light up when it was time for meds I would hit it and my husband said knock out.They did get me up to walk the first night which was painful but I had a walker so it wasnt too bad.They took the cath out nxt day and then I was using the bathroom on my own Well with hubbys help.I stayed in the hospital from tuesday-friday the first day I could have liquids at all only these wet sponges i could put in my mouth to wet it.second day the liquid diet begin again they brought 2 kinds of crystal lite unjury protein powder and jello..omg everything was so hard to get down water and ice was my best friend.It was all i ever wanted.I kept a dry mouth constant but nurse said was prob the meds.Thursday they took me off pump and started giving me oral pain meds.The doc would come in once a day and chk incisions.I also had a drainage tube on  my right side that they drained several times a day.I also had a inner drainage tube on left side.I had the surgery in Nashville which was a 3hr drive from home so when i was discharged we stayed in a hotel.I was very uncomfortable and the drive home was rough the next day.I slept alot when I came home and took pain meds every 4 hrs.The doc sent me home with prev acid,pain meds.I found getting fluids dwn was hard at times and i still struggle.I also came home with the drain in me.It was removed at my one week follow up.Now i have two open wounds the one that the drain was removed its just washed with soap and water and bandaged each day the other has to be cleaned with 2 long qtips and peroxide 2 day and then bandaged its deep and really sore still. There are other small incisions with surgical tape but i don’t have to do anything to them but wash myself in shower.I hear alot of people say they have energy and feel gd but I have been really weak and tired.I’m going write a diff entry later regarding stages of eating..ugh that’s a story all by itself.Its getting easier but has been a very hard journey.I don’t regret it at all tho.Also I want to add that I have lost 19lbs.


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